Photography: Faris Photography
Makeup: M’chel Bauxal

Paula founded the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, AODVC, in 1999 while homeless and living in a shelter. In 2012 Paula also launched the Sexual Assault Support & Help For Americans Abroad Program, SASHAA. The crisis center is a national award winning, internationally recognized program operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Her team serves the 7.6 million Americans living overseas, the 65 million Americans who travel overseas annually and the 1.1 million military personnel and their dependents overseas. Wrap-around services are provided via an international toll free hotline, 866-USWOMEN. Website

Paula trains nationally and internationally on issues facing American victims of domestic violence and sexual assault overseas. She conducts workshops on empowerment and overcoming life’s obstacles. She has appeared on the Today Show and was featured in Reader’s Digest magazine along with other television, radio and print media in the USA and overseas. She and her team have won numerous awards over the past thirteen years for their groundbreaking work in victim’s service including the National Crime Victim Service Award from the US Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.

Available October 7, 2013